When someone is consistently living by values, always doing what is right, even in stressful situations and when nobody is watching, we say that person has a strong character. Just like having a compass in our hand, having values gives you a much better sense of direction in your life, you know what truly is important and feel much more grounded and in general, much happier. Here I share with you what my most important values as a professional are….


I like my sessions to go smoothly, without fuss. The simpler we keep things, the more successful we will be. For me simplicity means above all honesty and authenticity towards oneself and towards others.


This is the essence of my work. It is to welcome the other as she is, with her feelings, her strengths as well as her weaknesses, her doubts and her contradictions. Accompanying you by allowing you to be whole without ever judging yourself.


Respect for professional secrecy is essential in my eyes, whatever happens or is said during our session will remain in that time and space which is dedicated only to you. Trust allows a depth in the expression of your feelings and emotions which is why it is so important to me.


Listening means being fully present and available to listen and hear the other. But it is above all knowing how to listen to the emotions, the unspoken, the feelings and all that composes you even the more subtle.


My role is to help you find your solutions so that in the end you can move forward with your own life. It means supporting you towards independence for lasting well-being.


Not everything in life is rational, logical or even measurable. There is always a part in human life which is more emotional, puzzling, elusive. Human. My ‘humanity’ value is about treating clients as people with care and compassion.

If my values resonate with you…