Tips From Someone Who Has Painted The Edges Of Her Tarot Cards

After using my tarot cards for a while, I started noticing that the white side of the cards are no longer that white as when I first bought them so I quickly decided to paint the edges of my cards and instantly they were refreshed with a beautiful new look! So here are some tips and pictures of what I did…

I painted one by one and then lightly wiped the edges of each card to remove any excess ink. It is best to do this, because depending on the permanent marker you are using, it might release some ink. Once I painted the edge of the card, I would then clean it with a tissue paper along the edge, carefully and without too much force, until no more ink came out and left each card out on the table to dry for a bit. I would advise doing this during spring or summer time, as when I did it in winter time it took so much longer to dry. Best to use a permanent marker for edging your cards.

So go on… Give it a try too! Happy edging!

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