What Questions To Ask In A Tarot Reading? See Tips & Suggestions here.

You already know how tarot cards can help you solve different problems, but do you really know what questions to ask in a Tarot reading?

Many people end up wasting a reading with a Tarot Reader because they are unable to ask the questions effectively. Thus, they end up not finding the answers to the questions that truly torment them.
Knowing how to ask questions to a Tarot Reader makes the reading much more productive, enlightening and insightful.
In this blog article, you will read about how to form questions for the Tarot Reader so that it can give you clear answers.

So… What questions to ask in a Tarot reading?

The first rule of how to ask the Tarot is not to formulate the questions in such a way that the answer is yes or no.
Tarot cards want to show you your life in a deeper way, so ask questions that start with “who“, “what“, “where” and “why“.
So, instead of asking, “Am I going to get a job?” Modify the question to: “How can I advance in my career?” or “What is preventing me from finding a new job and how can I release these blocks?
It is also important that you focus the questions on yourself. As tempting as it may be, don’t ask questions about other people.
For example, don’t ask if your crush has feelings for someone else. Choose to ask how you can win it or strengthen the bond that exists between you.
Another tip on how to ask Tarot questions is not to focus on the negative aspects of an issue. Do not deny responsibility for the choices you have made.
That is, instead of asking: “Will my ex come back to me?” Ask, “How can I win back my ex and improve our relationship?
Also avoid expressing your doubts with phrases that start with “will” and “when“.

Example Questions to Ask the Tarot

Love Tarot Questions
• What can I do to find my soul mate?
• How will I know that I have found my soul mate?
• What obstacles must I overcome to find love?
• How can I strengthen my relationship with the one I love?
• If leaving my current relationship is the best solution for me, how should I do this?

Work Tarot Questions
• Where am I likely to be 10 years from now?
• What is preventing me from reaching my full career potential?
• What can I do to make progress in my job?
• What are my main weaknesses in my work?
• What skills should I use to advance in my career?
• How can I advance in my career and make a positive impact in my field?
• How can I communicate clearly with my boss / colleague / business partner?
• How can I better align my career with my soul’s purpose?

Cash Tarot Questions
• What can I do to overcome financial difficulties?
• How can I create a life of wealth?
• What personality traits should I use to become rich?
• What skills should I develop to make the most money?
• What stands in my way and keeps me from building wealth?
• How can I open up to receive more abundance from the universe?
• What is my biggest financial obstacle or challenge at the moment?
• What kind of financial mindset and attitude did I inherit from my family? If it is not particularly useful, how can I leave it alone?
• Why do I believe that I am not worthy of material success?
• What is my current debt / shortage trying to teach me?

Family and Friends Tarot Questions
• How can I make more friends?
• How can I nurture my family ties?
• What can I do to ensure that my friendships last a lifetime?
• What should I do if I want to end a toxic friendship without causing an argument?
• How can I be a better mother / daughter?
• How can I reconnect and make peace with my brother / father / mother?

Others Tarot Questions
• Where should I focus my attention / efforts at this point?
• What will be the result if I take this action (speak the attitude you want to take)?
• What should be my next step to reach my goal?
• What am I missing or forgetting?
• What unknown factors are at play?
• How can I prepare for the unexpected?
• Should I move or stay in my city?
• What can I expect from my move?
• What does the Universe need me to know?
• What does my soul need to hear?
• What should I do to buy my home as quickly as possible for the price I want?
• What am I ready to let go of?
• What else do I need to know about myself (or situation X) now?
• What is my biggest obstacle now? And how can I solve it or overcome it?
• Why am I feeling stuck in my (career, relationship, friendship, income, etc.)?
• What is the lesson for me in this situation / event / relationship?
• How can I win this case in court?

Tips To Better Enjoy Your Tarot Reading

In addition to knowing what questions to ask in a Tarot reading, you should also know how to ask them.
Ideally, you should not only say the question out loud to the Tarot Reader, but also focus on the subject or problem at all times.
Repeat the question to yourself while choosing and drawing a card.
It is also interesting to take the questions you want to ask written on a paper. When talking to the Tarot Reader, the questions can get mixed up in your mind. Having the questions written down, you can recall them at any time and you are in no danger of forgetting any important issues that you would like to address.
For those who take out the Tarot cards alone, it is also important to write down the questions because you can remember the question, but when it comes to turning the cards you can accidentally distort the meaning of it and influence the reading of the cards.
Another good tip is to keep a Tarot journal. In it you can write down how your consultations were, the cards that came out and how you felt after finishing the reading.
These notes will help you to reflect and grow spiritually. You can compare one Tarot reading with another, and it is an excellent exercise in self-knowledge.

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