What is tarot? Learn more about this powerful, mystical and ancient self-knowledge tool…

Do you really know what tarot is? Tarot is an ancient and enigmatic deck composed of seventy-eight cards called arcana. The arcana are divided into two groups:

Major arcana cards: 22 main symbols, representing universal and archetypal human experiences, that is, experiences that are in the collective unconscious of humanity and serve as models or patterns.
Minor arcana cards: 56 secondary symbols, complementary to the major arcana, representing the developments and extensions of archetypal experiences in a more concrete sphere, that is, in the practical plane of our daily lives.

A semantic analysis helps to better understand the dimension of what tarot is: the word tarot itself means “road” or “way”, and the word arcane means “secret” or “mystery”.

Combined with each other, the arcana of the tarot present a faithful account of the road of life and of man’s journey towards his own realization and superior wisdom.

For all these characteristics, the tarot is shown as a powerful tool of self-knowledge, capable of revealing the mysteries of the unconscious and making intuition and acuity emerge in anyone.

A process of careful reading and analysis of the cards detects future trends and points out the best way to act in the most varied circumstances, and in this way the tarot becomes a great friend, ally and advisor in decision-making, from the simplest to the most complex. .

A brief historical summary to help you learn what tarot is

The exact origin of the tarot remains a mystery since ancient times, but over the years new elements and historical evidence have emerged in different times and cultures.

The most accepted hypothesis among scholars and specialists is that the tarot, in its most ancient form, was a system of knowledge restricted to the mystery schools of ancient Atlantis.

Many years later, the Egyptian priests, heirs of the Atlantean secrets, in predicting the fall of local civilization recorded this wisdom in the Book of Thoth, a series of β€œblades” (archaic correspondent of letters) that contained all the knowledge about the origin of the gods , the universe and man himself.

The intelligent structure of the tarot allowed it to cross the centuries and reach posterity. The Roma people, known for being a traveler, played an important role in this regard, as they helped spread it around the world.

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